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About Psychotherapy

I like to think of psychotherapy as a journey, and my role to walk some of the way alongside you. In times of struggle or crises, we sometimes lose our connection to ourselves: we are assailed by feelings of anxiety, depression, unhappiness, we feel alone in the world and there is sometimes a sense of being lost. We can feel challenged in different areas:    


  • Identity: I don’t know what I want, what I need or who I am
  • Belonging: I don’t fit in, I am different, I am isolated    
  • Relationships: Others are disappointing, threatening, absent

To regain our balance, our personal compass, our trust in the world and others, there is important work that can be achieved through therapy         

  • Authorship: To be able to decide in which direction to take your life         
  • Authority: To believe in your right to exist, your own validity, your own importance
  • Authenticity: To give yourself permission to be seen as you are and to believe that others can accept you as you are

Besides this foundational work I have developed further interest in specific areas:

  • Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma: When the struggle didn’t start with you
  • Fertility, pregnancy and parenthood: How to address the many challenges of trying to be a parent, becoming a parent, creating a family
  • The Feeling Fields: Anger and shame, where these particular feelings come from and what they tell us about ourselves and our environment

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